60-second goal

Influence, Video

Support for Clarins France in the launch of its new Hydra-Essentiel range.

Client’s need

Clarins is launching its new Hydra-Essentiel range, designed for the dehydration of the skin, composed of day creams and night cream. This range has the particularity of plumping the skin in 60 seconds and using unique ingredients, such as a duo of hyaluronic acids called “HA2”. R2, the brand’s social media agency, was commissioned to organize this launch on the Clarins France Instagram page.

Our answer: a reels campaign

As part of the social media strategy for listening to women implemented by the R2 agency, we wanted to imagine an activation that would listen to consumers, starting from a real consumer question/problem, to that Clarins provides a specific solution for everyone.

For this, we imagined “Objective 60 seconds,” a campaign of six reels imagined and produced by R2 that combines lifestyle, expertise, and product videos, to understand hydration and product use.

At the same time, an influencer campaign was set up on TikTok with content shot by the influencers themselves. Amoudax and Youraresunbeam were selected to help their communities understand which products in the range to use according to skin type.

945 k cumulative reach on Instagram
8 k interactions

Clarins and R2

Product activation, partnerships with influencers and social listening in the international beauty sector also arise from this collaboration.

+700 annual content
+44 k followers gained in 2022
17 contests
3 influencer collaborations