Masterclass by Clos19

Social, Video

Social media campaign with a chef, Gwilherm de Cerval, and a tableware expert to position Clos19 as the social media expert in wines, champagnes, and spirits.


The plan imagined by R2

The Masterclasses by Clos19 bring together a starred chef, Gwilherm de Cerval, culinary journalist and sommelier, as well as a tableware expert, and allow us to highlight all of Clos 19’s expertise in tableware.

We discuss wines, champagnes, food pairings, and tasting tips around the table, highlighting the excellence of Clos19 products.

Masterclass designed and produced for social networks, it is available in two formats:

two episodes on YouTube – “Full Champagne Dinner” and “How to Host the Perfect Party,” but also snack content videos to be found on the brand’s Instagram account.

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