More than a gift

Influence, Video

Support from Clarins France during the end-of-year holidays.

The challenge

After Black Friday and during the end-of-year holidays, Clarins wishes to strengthen its presence in the minds of consumers on Instagram by highlighting three Christmas boxes covering the brand’s key expertise: spa, skincare, and makeup. The Christmas period being extremely competitive, especially in the beauty sector, it is necessary to speak out by standing out from the competition, without losing proximity to its consumers.

An influence campaign

“More than a gift: a Clarins moment”, a campaign anchored in moments of life.

Christmas is the best time to please those you love. And it’s even better if you please your loved ones by offering meaningful gifts, like a Clarins box. Giving Clarins does not just mean offering products; above all, we want to pass on values, emotions, and stories to the people we love.

What could be better than a campaign embodied by influencers who take advantage of this period to spoil the people they love? An intimate moment when an ambassador offers a loved one or is offered a Clarins box. Stolen moments and complicity are there.

This is a proximity and authenticity campaign composed of three reels with influencers and their loved ones, covering the brand’s three areas of expertise: spa, skincare, and makeup.

An efficient operation

The three reels were posted cross-post in order to expand the community and recruit new people to the Clarins France Instagram account.

At the same time, a story competition was organized on Morgane Miller’s account and in a post on Constance de Schompré’s account to support the logic of recruiting subscribers.

1,130k cumulative reach
5,000 interactions
1,000 participation in contests

Clarins and R2

Product activation, partnerships with influencers, and social listening in the international beauty sector also arise from this collaboration.

+700 contents all year round
+44 k followers gained in 2022
17 contests
3 influencer collaborations