Open Forum

Influence, Video

On the occasion of the reissue of Adidas’ Forum sneaker, R2 launched a social media and influence campaign aimed at Gen Z.

On the occasion of the re-launch of Adidas’ iconic Forum model, we imagined an impactful campaign concept to honor this legendary model. The goal is to have it adopted by Gen Z.

Forum are not just sneakers; they are spaces for exchanges and meetings. This is why we designed the Open Forum campaign: three talents from diverse artistic backgrounds meet, share their experiences, and compare their points of view for a launch campaign under the sign of influence.

3 influencers
17 % engagement rate
4 films and reels

Adidas and R2, a long-standing collaboration

R2 is part of Adidas’ global agency roster. Positioning strategy, activation, influence, and brand content: R2 supports Adidas, particularly in Paris, a key city for the brand.