Stretching Joy

Veterinary lab
Advertising, campaign

Launch the Flexadin product range on the international B2C market.

Client stakes

Vetoquinol has developed a range of supplements for mobility issues in dogs and cats. This range has long been available only via veterinarians in the B2B market. How to launch it on the B2C market and support all international markets in this large-scale operation?

Our answer

A promise that plays on the register of emotion. “Stretching Joy”, a campaign that aims to associate positive emotions with the brand and embody a universal promise: good times for a long time!

An international multi-channel campaign which is divided into three phases.

  • Awareness: creating positive associations through the Stretching Joy promise.
  • Consideration: Create educational content to educate pet owners about mobility issues and create a Flexadin reflex.
  • Conversion: work in partnership with e-retailers on META and SEA conversion campaigns.

Stretching Joy, good times for a long time

How do we create a health reflex among animal owners? Stretching Joy is a campaign that aims to associate positive emotions with the brand by embodying a universal promise: with Flexadin, extend moments of joy with your pet and keep them active for as long as possible!

An international deployment

Stretching Joy is a Gold Vetty Award-winning global campaign. It is based on educational content for consumers and specific content for e-retailers.

1 Gold Vetty Award won in the USA
15 countries that launched the campaign internationally
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